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EBC advises and invests in the cannabis industry - from inception to ongoing operation across all verticals, including ancillary businesses. From new market inception or in response to regulatory change, we develop the strategies for long term success based on our in-depth cannabis industry experience and curated human capital network. EBC offers unrivaled full service to ensure our clients are supported every step of the way.


The EBC approach covers state and local regulatory relations, custom application development, and technical writing. We integrate the business, brand, and community planning in alignment with your organization's mission and vision. Real estate assessment and identification are included, as well as curating additional services and prioritizing compliance for a well-rounded strategy.

Business Strategy

EBC assists in the creation and design, job role identification and staffing strategies of your business plan. Services also include selecting technical tools, creating standards procedures, and developing training modules for efficient operations and record keeping.


EBC directs you on sourcing and selecting human capital, choosing automated lighting and control systems, and planning inventory storage and management. This includes identifying benches, production equipment, and planning for data organization and collection. The plan encompasses growth media, nutrient, and automated irrigation program planning, as well as product phasing, forecasting, and development.  The strategy incorporates Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and environmental management, along with brand and product marketing strategies. Plans cover cultivar portfolio development, procurement, and selection and also include education for sales teams, consumers and clients. The strategy also addresses cultivar production rotational planning, Tissue Culture (TC) planning, technical material development, and plant inventory and material management.

Product Development and Manufacturing

This comprehensive plan encompasses human capital sourcing and selection, post-production and packaging management, and the development of quality control and quality assurance processes. It includes the selection of equipment, solvents, and systems, as well as planning for production, packaging, and supply orders. The strategy involves extraction, post-refinement systems, and formulation/re-formulation. Guidance on compliance labeling and implementation, along with product phasing, forecasting and development are included, as they are integral components for managing inventory effectively. The plan extends to sales, consumer, and client education, by developing aConsumer Packaged Goods (CPG) plan with marketability, competitive analysis ,and sales/marketing pipeline management. It also includes a strategic plan for the brand's CPG and projections, as well as initiatives for new product development and research and development. The overall strategy emphasizes production schedule optimization for efficiency.

Distribution, Logistics, and Sales

This plan focuses on the development of cultivation and production sales, incorporating Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) strategies with market analysis and pricing considerations. It includes designing an exclusivity structure for CPG products and optimizing the spread. The plan addresses transportation needs and planning, and encompassing vendor selection. Additionally, it outlines a monetary custody structure for financial management throughout the process.


This section of the plan includes market analysis and pricing strategies. It involves planning for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) procurement, optimizing the product mix, and focusing on effective merchandising. The strategy extends to customer service, sales training, loyalty and retention programs, as well as online ordering and a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) structure. Additionally, it encompasses inventory storage and management planning along with comprehensive marketing, advertising, and sales strategies. The plan also outlines a monetary custody structure for effective financial management.

Ongoing Business Development

The plan covers company evaluation, goal-setting and brand partnerships, as well as cultivar and product pipeline management. It addresses corporate structure, team optimization, and supply chain planning. Financial aspects such as capital resource structure, investment advice, and budget management, are also included. The strategy involves evaluating processes, managing energy usage, and conducting Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and competitive analyses. Additionally, it focuses on business development, growth infrastructure, and market-specific strategies with structured processes, key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives, and key results (OKRs) for reporting and evaluation. Also provided are year-over-year analysis reflecting market trends, product performance, and pricing strategies.

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