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Experienced Backed Capital's mission is to acquire distressed assets and strategic situational opportunities in the cannabis space.

In a sector where billions of dollars have been invested in unproven operators, the need for experience backed investments has never been greater. Our team, comprising over 30 financial and cannabis subject matter experts, sources distressed debt and other opportunistic investments relating to small-and mid-cap companies.

EBC’s paramount strength lies in our unparalleled in building, expanding, operating, and turning around cannabis assets across all facets of the vertical supply chain.

EBC is led by Andrew Boyens, the founder of Natty Rems and Pretty Major, Andrew has collaborated across 20 states and two countries with leading cannabis entities. During these collaborations and the buildout of Natty Rems, Andrew established one of the largest libraries of original cannabis genetics retained by a commercial cannabis facility in the country, representing a decade of research, development, and consistency. His dedication and mentorship of his team consistently kept Natty Rems within the Top 5 brands by volume in the state, all while winning several High Times Cups and over 30 additional awards for innovative cannabis products. He is a true pioneer in the industry, and one testament of his abilities is his influence on those around him.

Our CEO’s journey culminated in a robust network of over 30 individuals comprising former colleagues, mentees, associates, and friends. Their collective expertise empowers us to construct, oversee, rectify, or reshape operations across all facets of the cannabis vertical. Our advisory network spans cultivation, extraction, production, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, retail, and regulatory compliance.

Our team's profound understanding of cannabis operations and compliance empowers us to navigate intricate state-specific programs. This, in turn, shapes the structure of agnostic and creative financing structures and the evaluation of license types, real estate, and operations. This nuanced grasp directly influences the collateral value within the financing framework allowing Experience Backed Capital Ventures to create better businesses as they expand through the maturing cannabis market nationwide.

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